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Yankee Fork
Old Sawmill

Lisa, Dana, Deanie and Mike Hurless
are looking forward to serving you at Old Sawmill Station!
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The burgers at Old Sawmill Station are local legends!
RV Park, Food, Beer, Fuel
Hunting & Fishing Supplies.
Gifts & Area Information.
Plus The Best Burgers on The Salmon River!
HC 67 Box 556 Clayton, ID 83227
Please call or email us for current RV Park rates.

Dana Hurless is a local legend and known far and wide for his magical skills at the grill.
He's been doing Old Sawmill Station's signature hamburgers for fourteen years.
They are The Best Hamburgers on The Salmon River from Stanley to North Fork.
Once you've ordered your deluxe hamburger,
head outside on the deck and watch the Master Griller, Dana, at work.
He might even share a fishing tip or two with you.

The menu is simple and the prices are right.
You will be well fed and Happy when you stop to eat at Old Sawmill Station.

There's a mighty fine selection of beer to go with that burger, too.

You know a place is alright when the local crowd flocks in to eat breakfast.
Old Sawmill Station is so popular in the Clayton area,
it's the place to be each morning to learn what's going on up and down the river.
Most days they open at 5 am.

There's a couple of real nice places to sit and enjoy that burger and brew.
When it's cold the wood stove is sure a welcome feature of Old Sawmill Station's hospitality.
Old Sawmill Station is a full-fledged retail store, too. It's just not food and fun.
If they don't stock it, you probably don't need it anyway!

Whether it's camping supplies or fishing gear or grub for your camp,
Old Sawmill Station's got it.

Old Sawmill Station has the best Brag Boards along The Salmon River from Stanley to North Fork.
Next time you're heading up river from Challis,
or down river from Stanley, plan on stopping by.
Whether you're stopping by for gas, beer and a burger
or planning to stay for a few days,
Old Sawmill Station is Your Base Camp for Salmon River Adventures of a Lifetime!
Enjoy a great RV Park, Gas, Food, Beer, Hunting & Fishing Supplies.
Gifts, Area Information, and the Best Burgers on The Salmon River!
HC 67 Box 556 Clayton, ID 83227
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Deanie and Clayton Hurless are the founders of Old Sawmill Station.
Clayton passed on August 15, 2015. Click here to read his obituary.
Some folks are interested in our history.
You can read all about it below and see a picture of our namesake--a real sawmill!

Old Sawmill Station is For Sale!

Click here for the Real Estate Listing or call Realtor Sandra Hill, 208-833-2211